Emphasis blond-tech effect is the professional hair routine formulated specifically for blond, bleached, gray or highlighted hair. It hides within it the combination of blue-violet pigments, capable to neutralize unwanted yellow/orange shades; the combination of the active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, blueberry* and chamomile* to balance the hydration and nourishment of the sensitized hair fiber; to keep a healthy, strong and shiny hair.

*fermented active ingredient.
Fermentation is a process that combines innovation, technology and nature to transform natural ingredients by enhancing their benefits.

acido-ialuronico acido-ialuronico

Hyaluronic acid

ally of beauty

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance capable of binding to the hair cells that make up the hair. The water-soluble and flexible molecular structure boasts highly moisturizing and protective features.
It ensures extraordinary elasticity and volume to the hair, that is visibly more resistant and regenerated.


Fermented blueberry

a gift of nature

The wild blueberry is a plant that arises spontaneously on the mountain slopes and in the undergrowth, known to be a precious source of vitamin B. The numerous antioxidants slow down skin aging, preventing dryness and stimulating hair growth. Moreover it has an immense protective, soothing and nourishing virtues, essential to reinforce the sensitized fiber and to restore the brightness and vitality of the hair.


Fermented chamomile

little ray of sunshine

Chamomile has always been used as a sweet natural remedy to lighten and shiny hair, a power that comes from the apigenin contained in the petals of its flower.
It also has precious soothing, rebalancing and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for restoring the health of scalp and hair.
In cosmetics it is considered a gift of nature to enhance light-colored hair.