The Emphasis Nami-Tech method was born from the willingness to celebrate the deep analogy existing between the sea waves and the waves of the curly hair. Both love movement, slow and relentless they fight all static forms, and when they dance sculpted by the wind they are manifest of freedom, personality and distinction.

The exclusive formula benefits from an exceptional active ingredient, Nori seaweed, combined with fermented organic Aloe Vera and hydrolyzed elastin. A unique cocktail, rich in ingredients with precious ultra-moisturizing properties. The hair thus regains softness, strength and hydration.
Perfectly untangled, the curls appear visibly more defined, elastic and luminous.


Nori seaweed

the sea regenerates your waves

The sea is an immense source of inestimable value. Water is the essential source for life, the origin of everything. Moved by the current, it lies in the Nori intertidal marine zone. Nori red algae contains a high level of proteins and free amino acids with excellent antioxidant, moisturizing and restructuring features.
Its molecules envelop the hair fiber with a protective film that seals the moisture inside, protecting the hair from dehydration and external aggressions.
The structural integrity of the curl improves, the frizz effect is reduced and there is a significant increase of hair’s strength and elasticity.



a true friend of curls

Fermented organic Aloe Vera is a unique natural complex. A Legendary medicinal plant, it is known for the dense juice contained in the leaves, an exceptional humectant rich in anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antioxidant features.
An exclusive hyper-fermentation process carried out on this gel in the laboratory quadruplicates its antioxidant power, increases the protein amino acid content by 118% and makes aloe five times more moisturizing. An anti-dehydration shield thus protects the hair from frizz and redefines your curls to perfection.

elastina elastina


naturally elastic hair

Hydrolyzed elastin is the natural secret to keep the delicate surface of the scalp hydrated. This precious protein has been selected for its particular film-forming and moisturizing action: the molecular chains contained within it are evenly distributed on the cuticle, with the aim of strengthening and elasticising the hair and limiting water loss. Dry, brittle and devitalized hair appears visibly stronger, more defined and shiny.