The rules of the well-being of your hair can be contained in the K factor. The crystal with a thousand shades. Liquid crystal is the secret and the active principle of this selection of Kristal products. Products analyzed and studied in our laboratory in order to give brilliance and softness to the hair adapting to every need. Thanks to the specific formulation, the K factor creates a barrier without greasing and weighing down, taking care of the hair in depth.



Professional liquid crystal products

The Kristalevo line is the selection of professional liquid crystal products suitable for taking care of the well-being of the hair. A wide range of solutions analyzed and studied with care in the laboratory in order to meet every need.

modella kristalevo
modella kristalbasic


Professional products for your daily life

The Kristalbasic line was born with the intent and commitment to take care of your hair in your daily life. A selection of essential and fundamental professional products to be able to treat every type of hair day after day.