Styliss is a specific treatment to smooth, discipline and restructure all types of hair in total safety. Two products that work in synergy to defend and prolong the smooth effect of your hair.

Smoothing treatment

A blend of rice and bamboo extracts combined with natural hydrolyzed keratin, they work in synergy with the myPlex technology, to guarantee a safer, healthier and more natural result. The particular fluid consistency and the spray dispenser facilitate and speed up the application allowing to modulate the necessary quantity of the product directly on the hair. Different laying time and number of passes of the hair straightener guarantee an ad hoc result on every type of hair. In a single product you get an absolute smoothness, reduce the volume and control of the frizz.

Rice and bamboo extracts:
active ingredients of natural origin that increase the elasticity of the hair and strengthen the hair fiber.
Keratin hydrolyzate:
active ingredient of natural origin that nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber giving it body.
MyPlex technology:
(sodium laneth-40 maleate / styrene sulfonate copolymer) protects and restructures the hair fiber.

By applying the product and leaving it in place respecting the times shown in the table, the active ingredients wrap the hair creating a film-forming film. Thanks to the passing of the straightener the film is fixed to the hair and upon contact with heat it gives a surprising smooth effect. In the post-treatment period, while drying with the hair dryer, the thermal stimulus acts by awakening the active ingredients and bringing the hair back to a smooth state.

DURATION: about 3 months.
It may vary depending on the state of your hair and the cosmetic products used during the washings following the treatment.

styliss trattamento lisciante


styliss trattamento lisciante
How to get the smooth effect

It is important to make a careful diagnosis of the hair to establish the right working method.

If the hair looks clean:
- without residues of fixing products
- without traces of dandruff and / or sebum
Proceed directly with the application of STYLISS smoothing treatment.

If the hair is dirty:
- with residues of fixative products
- with traces of dandruff and / or sebum

We recommend carrying out a neutral PH shampoo and 100% drying the hair before proceeding with the treatment.

  1. Divide the hair into 4 large sections.
  2. Starting from the nape area, separate into small locks (indicative thickness 1 cm) and directly spray STYLISS SMOOTH TREATMENT from 0.5 cm from the skin to the ends. Gently massage each strand with your hands and comb through.
  3. Once the application is over the entire head, comb through and leave in place the necessary time (see application suggestions table)
  4. At the end of the setting time, gently rinse the hair with tempered water for about 15 seconds.
  5. Dry the hair with a hair dryer and brush.
  6. Before proceeding with plating, spray STYLISS SMOOTHING PROTECTOR on all the hair. There are no shutter speeds to respect.
  7. Starting at the nape area, separate in small locks (indicative thickness 0.5 cm) and keeping the hair in tension with the comb, pass the plate from the root to the tips. For the adjustment of the degrees and the number of passages consult the hair straightener table.
ABSOLUTE SMOOTH 50 MIN. 180° / 200° white hair,
very bleached
210° treated hair
230° natural hair
VOLUME REDUCTION 30 MIN. 180° / 200° white hair,
very bleached
210° treated hair
230° natural hair
ANTI-FRIZZ 20 MIN. 180° / 200° white hair,
very bleached
210° treated hair
230° natural hair

* The values shown in the column (hair straightener grades) are indicative. The degrees may vary depending on the structure of the hair being treated. It is advisable to carry out a test on a lock to calibrate the gradation of the plate according to the reaction of the hair.


For a better and long-lasting result, we recommend:

  • Wash your hair using a mild shampoo (Kristalevo line)
  • Always apply a mask (Kristalevo Line)
  • Before drying the hair vaporize lengths and tips with STYLISS SMOOTHING PROTECTOR
  • Dry the hair thoroughly.

REMEMBER THAT the STYLISS treatment is activated with heat. To achieve a perfect smoothness it is essential dry the hair thoroughly with the hairdryer. Pass the hair straightener if necessary.

Frequent questions

1. Can I use the product on colored / mèches hair or with other smoothing treatments?
Yes, you can use Styliss on all hair types; even those previously treated.

2. How long do I have to wait between treatments? (Example, the color)
We advise you to wait at least a week after the last treatment so as not to stress your hair too much.

3. Does the Styliss treatment change the color of the hair?
In general, no, but it could happen that artificially colored hair undergoes a lightening tone.

4. How often can I do the treatment?
You can replicate the Styliss smoothing treatment after a month.

5. Does it contain substances that are harmful to health?
No, there are no harmful or aggressive substances inside the Styliss.

6. How long will I have straight hair?
The effect lasts about 3 months. The result can vary depending on how often you wash your hair and your lifestyle.

7. How many treatments can I do with a kit?
You can perform about 4/5 treatments with the 300ml kit depending on your hair length and quantity.

8. Can I use the straightener after the treatment?
Of course, you can use the straightener and remember to always add the Smoothing Protector.

9. Can I use the product during pregnancy and / or can children use it?
There are no contraindications but considering the sensitivity and delicacy of this group of people we advise against using them.

10. What is the active ingredient that drives the smoothing effect of the Styliss?
Glyoxylic acid, thanks to its function realigns the capillary fibers reducing unwanted alterations.

11. Does Styliss contain formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is not an allowed raw material in this type of formulation. LAB37 strictly respects the cosmetic laws and therefore Styliss does not contain Formaldehyde or preservatives of formaldehyde.

12. How can I keep the effect smooth?
Use delicate products. For example: the shampoo and mask of the Kristalevo line. Before you dry your hair, don't forget to use the Smoothing Protector.