9 Lightening tones

Compact bleaching powder for extreme changes
Get great results using Upto9. The compact and super lightening bleaching powder with anti-yellowing action for maximum performance in all bleaching techniques. Thanks to the MyPlex technology, present in the formulation, it reaches 9 lightening tones, protecting and reinforcing the hair fiber during the treatment.

How to use
Mix 50 g of powder with 100ml of White Meches Plus Activator 20-30-40 volumes (dilution ratio 1: 2). Apply to hair to bleach. Leave on for 40 minutes (the laying time may vary depending on the type of hair, the desired lightening tone and the volumes of oxygen used). Rinse thoroughly and wash the hair with Shampoo and White Meches Mask.

Professional product.

up to 9

500 gr

decolorante 9 toni