Science and technology meet the wisdom of tradition

The story of the Yao women aroused the interest of the Lab 37 research group, which through rigorous ex vivo tests decided to investigate the advantages that Hyper-fermentation technology brings to rice water.


The process involves an initial step of enzymatic pre-treatment on rice in an aqueous environment, in order to release the active ingredients and reduce the average size of the saccharide fraction, favoring its fermentability.
The subsequent integration of saccharomyces cerevisiae, a single-celled organism belonging to the yeast category, transforms the sugar fraction of rice water into a post-biotic complex rich in active ingredients essential for the well-being of the hair fiber.

To enhance its antioxidant and plumping action, the Yao-Tech formula has been enriched with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen.
This extraordinary combination awakens the well-being and vitality of the hair fiber: the three active ingredients act in synergy on the hair’s morphology, promoting a filling, restructuring and moisturizing action. They give vigor, shine and extreme softness, with visible results from the first application.


Hyaluronic acid

Its revitalizing and regenerating virtues make it an ally ingredient for hair care and health. It gives an instant feeling of well-being and delicately penetrates into the heart of the hair fiber, counteracting free radicals. Fights against the dryness of the scalp and restores the hair’s elasticity. Associated with collagen, hyaluronic acid enhances its beneficial effects.


Marine Collagen

The Marine collagen is particularly suitable for its antioxidant features. Its molecules deeply hydrate the scalp and regenerate the stem cells of the bulb, strengthening and protecting weak and fine hair.
Its presence in the formulation helps to prevent dehydration and amplifies the diameter of the hair fiber, restoring strength and force to the hair.